About CIAO wines in a can

Looking for the perfect summer wine? Grab a CIAO in a can. They make the perfect beach bag and camping pack accessory.


Cans aren’t just for beer and soda anymore. Canned wine is making a name for itself. Besides being convenient and affordable, cans offer a fun and easy approach to wine: something even serious wine lovers can get behind.


  • First and foremost: they’re tasty! CIAO wines tick all the boxes for a thirst quenching, crisp and tasty beverage. CIAO Wines range in style from sparkling roses to refreshing wines spritzer .

  • Canned wine is portable, light-weight, and durable, making it great for taking outdoors or to the pool.

  • Cans can be chilled quickly and their compact size makes them easy to store.

  • No winetool needed. Need we say more?

  • Cans require fewer materials and fuel to transport. Plus, just like bottles, cans can be recycled!

  • Canned wine offers an affordable, smaller serving wine option without compromising quality.